Friday, December 13, 2013

French Toast Sandwiches

And while I'm cooking up a storm for Kirk's next work shifts I made French toast sandwiches or dessert or whatever you want to call them. I sliced sourdough bread and set it aside while I mixed a little powdered sugar in cream cheese to slightly sweeten it but you wouldn't have to. I whipped four eggs in a bowl with a touch of milk. My cooking is not detailed because my ingredients vary. Two of the eggs were ginormous from the two, two year old hens keeping John Henry, the rooster, company and  the other two were two pullet eggs so how do you measure that? It is like the watery pumpkin I'm going to use today for pumpkin bars. I'm thinking I'll get out some sugar pie pumpkin puree also to mix with the Cinderella pumpkin puree so it is thicker and then strain the whole thing for a while to drain off some liquid.

Anyway, I got off track there. I spread the sweetened cream cheese on one slice of bread and smoothed some low sugar blueberry jam on the other slice of bread placing them on top of each other to form a sandwich. Then cutting the sandwich in half I soaked it in the French toast egg mixture flipping sides as the egg saturated the bread. The next step is to toast them as you would French toast. After cooked, I sprinkled powdered sugar on top. 
Hind thought makes me think that my usual adding of vanilla and cinnamon into the egg mixture would have been good in this situation too. You could also change up the type of jam you used. Blueberry was just handy at the moment. I'm also thinking I'll cut the sandwiches into wedges instead of just across, more visually appealing that way. 
We put the computer desk back to the way it was since our four year old no longer is pushing off and on the computer. Yes, we have a one year old but she isn't here as often and we do need to put the house up for sell. When we moved it we first took a photo of the backside so we knew just how to hook it up again. Not that I haven't done it without but we are practicing for when we move and we are photographing everything electrical to save hassle.     

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