Thursday, August 14, 2014

Hypothermia Chicken

 Kirk hollered, " Come quick, one of the chickens is in trouble, bring towels!" Still in my pajamas, I ran outside with towels and Kirk led me to a soppin wet chicken huddled by the goat watering tank. Myrna, the Aracauna , was indeed in trouble. Kirk found her straddled in the tank and rushed to remove her but the soaking wet heap couldn't walk for the racking shivers that jerked her body back and forth. She had severe hypothermia. I called for our oldest grand daughter to go and get the blow dryer and I scooped the chicken up in the towels and headed for the electric outlet on the front porch.

Hypothermia is an old enemy. I often suffer from a mild case of it and once a severe level after a surgery. I've treated many species of animals in various stages. Only once before have I dealt with this level and it was a sheep that was run into a frozen pond by a dog in the winter time. Myrna was in BAD shape.
Forming a tunnel in the towels, I blew warm air inside. Then when she wasn't shivering quite so badly, I was able to gently lift each wing and blow dry underneath, fluffing her feathers as if I were creating a puffy hair style. Then last of all I lifted her up and blew dry her belly. When the painful jerking had ceased and she was just lightly shivering, our oldest grand daughter swore she could almost hear a purr. We fluffed and dried for minutes or more and then when we stopped a soft shiver would run through her now and then. We opted to keep her wrapped up in the towels and put her in the nest in the chicken coop, doors closed. She remained huddled inside the towels.
After a while Kirk went out and checked on her fearful that the trauma still might have been too much for her but there she was pecking on the plexi-glass door windows asking to be let out. No green egg today but can you blame her? I wouldn't be surprised if she doesn't lay much the rest of the week. I'm just glad our little miss bug catcher is fine once more.     

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