Sunday, January 17, 2010

Economic Reasons For Owning a Dairy Goat

The decision whether to own a Nigerian Dwarfs, a typical dairy goat, or a milk cow is always partly a personality thing. It's like the difference between dog owners and cat owners.

I'm babysitting our son's puppy, a German Wire-hair, this week and the cats and I are already looking forward to this Saturday when he leaves. He's well mannered and sweet but his hyperactivity and demand for my attention is just more than I'm comfortable giving since he spends quite a bit of time indoors.

Sir Reginal Stewart (the cat)
It's not that I don't like dogs. We've owned several but when our children came along with their many health issues, I needed a pet that was less demanding so, we switched to cats. Presently, we have two indoor-outdoor cats. They are already fed up with Bard, the puppy, jumping up and down in front of them and asking them to come play, especially our fourteen year old cat, Bridgette. And I wish the yowling and barking would cease over the whole issue. Most of all right now, I wish Bard would quit tapping the keyboard or tucking his head under my arm begging for attention while I'm trying to type this blog. Grrrr... Do I sound mean? Bard doesn't think so either.

Bard now seven months old and sixty some pounds
It's a personality thing. I require more emotional and physical space. That's partly what drove us to buy Saanens since their rather laid back and our other choice at the time was Nubians, which many of us know desire lots of attention. Some love that. My sister does but then she also owns cats and dogs.
"Bard quit tapping the keys!"
Just like cats are less demanding than dogs for care and attention with exceptions to the rule. -- If you dog owners are envisioning a cat twining around your leg wanting attention we haven't a single one, house cat or barn cat ---
"Bard quit! Please go lay down and quit resting your chin on the Enter Key.."

The same is true with whether you have a milk cow or a dairy goat. But though I love cattle and at the moment I have two beef, the decision to own dairy goats was made purely upon reviewing the facts. Goat's milk is vastly superior for human consumption than cow's milk and economically much less expensive to own a dairy goat than a milk cow.
Frothy pail of goat's milk.
It didn't hurt that the kids and I had allergies to cow's milk. Though that doesn't keep me longing to someday own a Jersey just as my husband wants a yak. Yes, you can milk a yak. They have lots and lots of cream. How willing they are to undergo the whole process is what I haven't yet found out. The point being we must all have our dreams and sometimes they come true. Who knows maybe someday I'll have my goats and Jersey and Kirk will have his yak.
It's the economic facts and the superior health benefits that keeps us milking goats rather than a milk cow. And yes, I love goats. If I didn't, it wouldn't matter how much smarter it was for us to own goats, we'd have a dairy cow.

So in part one ----
"Bard, what are you in to? Quit dragging my socks and shoes all over. Where did you get that smiley faced beach ball?" (now deflated)

Where were we? Oh yeah, in part one I'll discuss the economics of owning goats versus cows and then in another blog I'll talk about the differences in the milk. No, I haven't forgotten about the gardening.

Excuse me, things have gotten rather quiet. I wonder what he's in to now? Whew, he's back.
"Yes Bard, I love you too. Bard, let me type. -- Quit! No, I don't want to play. No! You don't fit in my lap anymore. Okay, maybe you do -- kind of."
Excuse me, I'll be back. Maybe, a rousing game of go fetch will wear him out. I can hope can't I? Then we'll finish this discussion later this afternoon.

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