Thursday, January 7, 2010


The sun went to bed on Monday and though it has returned each day to spread light, there is no warmth in its rays. How I long for warmer days. Even 30 degree Fahreinheit temperatures with a mild wind sound blissful at this moment. Especially since I'm wearing wool long johns in the house and still I can't seem to capture my body's heat. I have a faulty heating system and it fairly frequently goes into hybernation sometimes taking my blood pressure with it. I laugh on days like that when I go to a doctor's office and listen to the nurse cheering the thermometer to greater heights, "Come on, a little higher. Just a little more." and that's just to get it into the 96's.

So while I wait for my body's furnace to ignite and for the sun's rays to warm the earth once more, I'll gaze longingly at these pictures taken in a light jacket just a few days ago. Then when I've rested once AGAIN, I'll continue with that list of things to cook I didn't complete yesterday. My get up and go, got up and went well before it was done. I feel my energy waning quickly but it has to hang in there I'm in the middle of making my first batch ever of sourdough English muffins. I hope they turn out better than the new pizza dough recipe I made last night.
I'll let you know tomorrow.

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