Saturday, January 29, 2011

Brenda's Photo Challenge (Frozen)

Brenda's Photo Challenge has started up again. I love photography as you can probably tell so once more I've joined the challenge. This time the theme is Frozen. Some of these photos are from last year and some this winter. Enjoy!This Pronghorn fawn was in the back yard last year.Funny thing is, this year there aren't any Pronghorn antelope in town and last year there were scads. Five Mule Deer are munching on trees and bushes instead. Why the switch, I don't know but the vegetation is appreciating the fewer numbers.

Got to love hoar frost as it decorates everything with spikey jewels.
We had quite a bit of it this winter.One must not forget the bison that roam just north of town for they are another thing that makes our county unique. We have the most Pronghorn antelope of anywhere in the world and thousands of head of bison. Winter wouldn't be complete without home-made goat cream cherry ice cream yum!!!
Did you know that more ice cream is consumed in the winter months than in the summer?

Now head on out and visit Brenda's photo challenge to see what others put in their blogs under the frozen category.

This might be especially nice for those of you WAY down south who are sweating through the summer months. It just might cool you off.

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