Friday, January 14, 2011

One Down ? UFO's To Go

Okay, project two is finished. Love the elk horn buttons, not so fond of the drop sleeve pattern on this heavy of a weighted yarn. Hm... won't do that again but since this sweater is destined to keep my hubby warm when he is hunting elk, it isn't out for public display anyway, except to you my friends. I'm just glad to finally be done. Oh yeah, yes, we found the missing button. Whoo hoo!, we didn't have to make another. Haven't had a chance to work on any more new buttons yet but I hope to have the opportunity this weekend. We'll see.
Meanwhile, Chicory's milk production went way up. What is wrong with that girl, she's suppose to be drying up? It was really cold and everything. That should have dropped her production but NO!, it went the opposite direction. Must be Pedro's fault (the beef). He was saying sweet nothing in her ear, I just know it. Oh well, I'm making hay while the sun shines so to speak and canning milk for the the two months when she's dry, frozen dough for cream biscuits too, along with freezing some Alfredo sauce. One thing is for sure, the more animals I have the more often a fool I'm made.

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