Monday, August 27, 2012

Frozen Corn My Aunt's Way

Here as promised, my aunt's frozen corn recipe. But first I want those of you who haven't frozen corn before to know why this method is so... cool. I spent many an hour with my mother each fall freezing 12 to 14 dozen ears of corn. Then in turn, I did the same amount for my family after marriage. When I discovered my aunt's recipe, I quickly switched and the whole process, I'd guess, dropped in half for time.
No matter which method you choose my aunt's or the old fashion way, you have to first shuck the corn or in other words, take off all the leaves and corn silk. Then in a steaming hot kitchen from two large pots boiling on the stove and the summer heat, you plunge corn on the cob into the water for two minutes and then fish out each to plunge into cold water. Handling lots of hot, hot cobs is no picnic and you invariably get spattered a time or two with hot water. OUCH!! 

Next, we cut the corn off and put into freezer type plastic bags because though I like the theory of using glass jars, they just take up too much room for our available freezer space.

With Aunt LaRae's method, you skip the blanching of the corn on the cob and simply cut it off before blanching. The kitchen remains cooler and no boiling hot water to deal with.  

Unless you intend on using your corn soon, I highly recommend blanching for it is ecccential for it inhibits the action of enzymes within vegetables that are associated with the depletion of texture, flavor, color and vitamins.

Aunt LaRae's Frozen Corn
4 quarts of corn cut off of the cob
1 quart of hot water
3 teaspoons of salt
Bring to boil and boil 10 minutes then pour onto cookie sheets to cool. Bag liquid with the corn and freeze in appropriate freezer bags.

Another time, I'll share a cream corn recipe. I didn't make any this year but often I freeze some using goat milk instead of the recipe's evaporated milk.

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