Tuesday, August 21, 2012

T-post Remover

Thank you all for your kind words, I'm feeling a bit better. Some is just knowing what is lurking inside my half a thyroid. The ultrasound came back good and bad. Most importantly, the solid nodule I've had for some time has not grown. The same could not be said for the cysts I've had. And now joining them are multiple new ones.  In case you didn't know, misery loves company. 

When the ultrasound technician asked what thyroid medications I was on, she gasped. Yup, for years I've been on the thyroid treatment that is suppose to shrink these babies and keep new ones from forming but alas, my pony express rider must of lost the memo and it has never arrived. Tomorrow, I think I'll try upping my iodine for a while and see if that calms things down any.

For now, I'll just keep plugging away canning and getting ready for winter.
 One of the things I must do is clean the last goat pen and then put up a stretch of fence to block off access to the row of hay bales  in case someone should become greedy and think of helping themselves.

To take down the t-posts at the end of the goat pen, I'm going to use this. Don't get confused by the pipe at the top, Sorry, I didn't think when I snapped this picture. It isn't a part of the rectangular device.

You attach the hook on the end of a chain, the other hook attaches to the bucket on the tractor.
 Slip the t-post through the triangular cut out.
And make sure the bumps on the post are where the narrow end of the triangle is and lift the bucket on the tractor. Voila, out comes the post slick as can be. You don't have to have a tractor to do this. You can use a handy man jack instead to attach to the chain and crank away. Pictures of this little peice of metal in motion would have been better but I was on the tractor running the hydraulics Kirk was setting things up on the other end and was in a hurry to get the posts pulled.

So if you are using t-post, as most of us do in the USA, then  you've got to have this $14 dollar back saver. I wish I'd bought one years ago. I'd have far fewer bent posts and I'd of had fewer back aches.

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