Thursday, September 20, 2012

Yesterday's Help or Not

Yesterday, not everyone was happy about my making green tomato relish. (Note the lack of tears.) Our youngest thought I was taking wa.....y too long working on the process and well, she threw a bit of a screaming fit. Did this grandma pick her up--- of course not--- she ran to grab her now working camera (LOL) and finished wrapping the spice bag for the relish. I hurried of course but fits are not rewarded in this household lest they become a habit. One this tempered tyke would gravitate towards. Besides, how can one feel too sorry for her when she rarely was ever out of my arms the whole day.   
 It wasn't the only hickup in the day, for Reginald, our cat, came down with a serious case of Broken Heart.
 Yup, that was the diagnoses from our local veterinarian here. It must be a pretty serious because it's in his flank. Yikes, it spreads! LOL
 But look at that smile. It looks like he'll recover...
with simply a hard plastic band aid.

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