Friday, January 17, 2014

Angel Food Cake, It's What's for Breakfast

I figure this is a breakfast food, after all their are fifteen egg whites involved. Thirteen in the cake and two in the marshmallow like frosting. And since my doctor says you should have protein in the morning because your adrenals are working hardest then and they LOVE protein, then this is a perfect breakfast food with the plethora of eggs involved. My son loves that word plethora. And when you compare this to Fruit Loops, Sugar Pops and the like, it has to be more nutritious and safer too. I use King Auther cake flour without all the nasty chemicals, white and powdered sugar, salt, cream of tarter, and eggs. That's it. I've skipped adding all the words I can't even pronounce. You know the ones on the cereal boxes that tongue tie you. Besides getting my protein and skipping a plethora of chemicals, I figure I'm getting my vegetables too.  My chickens eat lots and lots of vegetables and fruits and so my angel food cake must be a healthy breakfast food.

Not buying it? Well how about if I put a dab of Nutella on top, a sprinkling of raspberries, and a dollop of whip topping. Then you are getting your nuts and chocolate (chocolate is good for you isn't it?), berries, dairy, and protein. Sounds good to me. In fact this is my favorite version of angel food cake but I'll happily tear chunks off as you would free form bread and skip the toppings all together. I'm not picky, I like our oldest grand daughter consider this my favorite cake but only if it is home-made and made with high quality fresh eggs. I've had home grown eggs that taste just like the store's or shall I say are tasteless like the stores. I suspect they are fed grains only. I feed mine a nice variety of fruits and vegetables, sunflower seeds and of course a variety of grains too. Not hard when I have a bucket in the kitchen for the tops or ends of  broccoli, celery and other vegetables or fruits I'm serving.

 So what is your vote? Who will stand with me? Is angel food cake a breakfast food?

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