Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Home-made Raviolis

I made raviolis, whoo, hoo!!Not that this is the first time but the first time with my second hand ravioli attachment. Those of you that know me know it takes a while before I get around to things but eventually I do. This find of my daughters sat on the shelf for several months before I tried it out. The push being I was packing up things from the kitchen I thought I could do without for a couple months and this was one of those items.

I was thrilled this other name brand attachment fit my machine and even more thrilled at how well they turned out. The second time that is. I've used a ravioli plate before.  With it I have a tendency to use too much filling and the raviolis break open. I cook them too long and the raviolis break open. It takes too long for the raviolis to cook because I think they are too thick. Partly because I got this hair brain idea that they needed to be thicker to keep from breaking open. How does that saying go, "If you don't succeed try, try again." But my favorite is from the Bible, "In all labor there is profit." So I'm going to think positive and say like Edison that I have not yet failed, I've only been taking steps to success. I'm hoping success is mine at last. Not that I won't have to tweak things a bit but just a decent ravioli without all the filling going into the water it boils in would be a great success as far as I'm concerned.
Of course I did this today first. I do learn the hard way. I put my first round of some home-made Pesto I had in the freezer into the machine and this is the result. The Pesto has been in there a while and I had forgotten the pine nuts where whole. The machine wasn't impressed. The chickens were though. They love my flubs.
So I dumped the pesto and some cottage cheese in the blender and pulsed.
So much better.
But before I started all this I had to yes, you know it, I had to hit the Internet and watch a u-tube. I'm glad I did because I learned what this little do hicky was in the box without instructions. It is to cut your long strip of noodles so they fit perfectly into the attachment making everything square up. I think I just might use this to cut out lasagna noodles too to a uniform size. The other thing I learned was instead of using two strips was to use one long one and fold it in half. Then you tuck the fold edge into the machine which catches it more easily. I know this because I tried it both ways. The other advantage is your noodles end evenly. The only other big trick was to figure out how much filling to put into the machine. I found it didn't take much.
I also learned pretty quickly that I didn't need this white attachment but don't tell anyone I said that or I'll deny it. It is a safety guard and you know I never disregard safety. Yeah right, like these fat fingers can possibly get stuck in the machine anyway especially when it is hand crank.
I made two tightly packed large cookies sheets of raviolis and stuck them in the freezer while the Bolognese sauce simmered in the crockpot. If you are going to bother to make them, you might as well make enough for at least several meals. I plan on later using some in tortellini soup and who knows what all else but I've got this hankering for noodle dishes lately. Those frozen cubes of Alfredo sauce I spied in the freezer are calling to me. I love noodle dishes and I have not made very many in the last few months. Hopefully these zucchini ravioli noodles cook up just right. It is the last of the zucchini powder and August is a long ways away when I can make more from the garden produce. I've got to say that spinach, zucchini, and beet powders were a pretty smart idea. I'm definitely doing that again. I've used them in noodles and tortilla shells but not much in bread. I need to start using the pumpkin powder for that. See I really am slow but there are just too many experiments waiting to happen and so little time and energy.
Well it is off to bed. I've got a full day ahead of me tomorrow. I've got to make tortilla shells to go with the spiced refried beans and spiced rice I made today. enchiladas here I come.  
By the way, what is the difference between a tortellini and a ravioli shell? Any Italians reading this?

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