Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Couple Old Comedians

It was a very full day with going over to our daughter's to pick up some wood that our son-in-law had hauled and split for us in exchange for the used chainsaw we bought for him. He had borrowed ours last year but wanted one of his own. So Kirk and I decided that we'd find him the kind he wanted in exchange for him cutting, and splitting some wood for us. He loved the idea and as soon as his chainsaw arrived, he went right to work on some downed trees he'd purchased on National Forest Land.

The two younger girls ran to meet us when we arrived and Kirk scooped up the one-year-old as I hugged and visited with our three-year-old. When I looked up Kirk had moved his granddaughter to the side and away from himself revealing a wet area on his sweatshirt, a very large wet area."Here, would you please go and change her?", he said extending her toward me. Yup, our youngest granddaughter had a wet diaper AND had played washer women with her sister's shorts in the toilet. Her mother was gone on a field trip to the fire station with the oldest granddaughter and she'd managed to get into the bathroom. The one that's door is to always remain shut to prevent such opportunities. The guys began working and we soon joined them. I with the youngest in one arm as I stacked. That lasted maybe fifteen minutes and the girls were wanting second breakfast. Yes, five meals a day to keep those girls fed and I mean FIVE MEALS. Man they can eat for such slim little bodies. While they ate, I folded clothes. The girls helped me finish the two basket loads.

Actually that isn't true and you know it. I pretended that they were helping me as I folded the under clothes and handed them the socks to toss into a separate basket to fold last. As we worked, I made up silly folding clothes songs, "Stick the sock inside the sock and turn around clap, clap..." and we giggled and sang. By the time I was finished our daughter arrived and I went back out to help.

When we got home it was two o'clock and the bees from our two hives were busy flying around. The sun's warmth penetrated the stark dismal winter scene where a small snow drift still lines the yard's fence. As tired as I felt I just couldn't even think of going inside the house and working. I decided instead to begin unloading wood while catching some wonderful rays. Light passes through your pupil stimulating your pituitary gland and I could use all the stimulating I could get because my thyroid doesn't work so shiny. I'm a bit low on Vitamin D too especially after winter. So Kirk and I agreed, I'd unload a while and he would grind on a knife he needed to get done. It is an incredibly awesome project and I'll get the photos ready and show you what he's been up to later this week. Today I promise when I'm done outside I'll make that leaf lard pie crust. Shepards pie is sounding really good right now. First I'm going to take advantage of the promised sunshine. We've just two day before the next snow storm.

I only unloaded as far as my long arms could reach and then was forced to stop. I tried a trial of going off my adrenal medication and the results are that I've been dehydrating really easily and my strength, well, I at times I have none. I had to roll into the trailer to get in. When there I couldn't stand up from my proned position. So I rolled back out and went into the house to rest contimplate that nagging daily question, "What's for supper." Kirk suggested shrimp salad and I had a hankering for oatmeal cake. I enlisted his help to go check the coop for eggs while I make a biga for bread, whipped up an oatmeal cake, boiled eggs, and chopped vegetables to add to the spring lettuce mix. I was doing pretty good when he got home - eggs boiling, cake in the oven, but the salad wasn't quite finished so I asked him to please cook the shrimp.

Yup, in our 30 years of marriage somehow he has missed out on cooking shrimp. As I was taking the shells off a couple eggs and cutting them up into the salad I heard, "Oh, I probably should have taken the tails off." Then after I'd grated some Parmesan cheese onto the salads I reached for the crowning touch, the shrimp, and noticed the little leg like things on them and knew he hadn't taken the shells off either. I started to laugh.

"Honey, they still have the shells on too."

"You didn't tell me I had to take the shells and tails off. You said please COOK the shrimp." I laughed and we went to work de-shelling the crusty outer layer along with much of the flavorful Italian seasoning that the shrimp had cooked in. None the less it was a wonderful salad. We ate while we looked at photos on the computer that we'd taken that day. After putting in the card into the computer, I was stuck on the floor. Not enough strength in my legs for Kirk to help me up. Made harder because I was giggling. I scooted myself over to the hard back chair and rolled my chest onto it and with Kirk's help I stood up. Yeah, (lol) I'll have to get that prescription filled for my adrenal medication. Guess I'm not ready yet to cut it out entirely. What a couple comedian we are.

After the wonderful salad we had oatmeal cake but not the oatmeal cake some of you are use to. I've changed the recipe and hence the new title Dump Queen's Oatmeal Cake. Check out the next post for the recipe. Hint, this cake has lots of good things in it like molasses, oatmeal, eggs, butter, and you can choose to use wheat flour. The frosting has three egg yolks, coconut, and pecans in it. With all those good things in it, it has to be healthy right? I can just hear you, "Healthy?" Well, healthy in comparison to the store bought cake mix then.

One of my New Year resolutions is to not purchase a cake mix from the store. We don't eat many cakes but this one tops the list with a heavenly lemon pound cake. If you've tried oatmeal cake before, this isn't it. I took a recipe of my mom's and made some dramatic changes. I see my husband took a large, very large piece to work today. So I'll post the recipe a little later today after I've enjoyed some sunshine and tomorrow you can view the leaf lard pie crust. Lots to do so I'd better go.

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