Monday, March 29, 2010

Not Much

She loved her new quilt.
The granddaughters enjoyed the moments cuddled with grandpa.
It didn't matter that it was a meat cutting video that he stopped working processing the beef to watch the next step.
Time spent with him is always special. As much interests as the youngest had in the video, who knows she may cut meat when she grows up a bit.
It was an informative DVD and though we've cut up six or better beef there is yet much to learn. One little tid bit for you is that the cuts from the back are the most tender and then the hind quarters and the most tough is from the shoulders. It is due to the amount of exercise those muscle perform.

We have had a major family crisis and our lives are turned upside down. Things will really change around our home. Tomorrow afternoon I should be able to blog but for now please except this brief post and know that I thought of you often today but was needed badly by our little granddaughters.

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