Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Part II Animals and Tracks

It's that time again for round two of our book drawing, contest or whatever you call it. Remember you can enter twice once on last weeks blog post Part I Animal and Tracks and today on Part II. That will put your name in twice for the drawing of one of my favorite gardening books. For complete possibly confusing instructions go to the Part I post but really it's simple match the the animal with its corresponding number to its tracks with its alphebet letter and comment at the bottom of this blog with your answers or e-mail them to me at hollyrexroat@gmail.com. Go ahead and try. You only have to get one set right to be entered.
A hint so you don't have to scroll down and up so much, as you move down through the post write down the 1. Pronghorn Antelope and leave a space then scroll down to the next picture and write that down and so on. Then when you come to the tracks you are just filling in the blanks with letters.

1. Pronghorn Antelope

2. Percey, the barn cat

3. Me
If you get this one wrong I'll be shocked.

4. Common House Sparrows

5. Pudge, dairy goat
This is the only tricky one where you have to tell the difference between a Pronghorn antelope and a pudgy goat's foot prints but pudgy is the hint to the difference in the track in the snow.

6. Geese

Here we go with the tracks in the snow.



Don't be mislead by the macro view, these are tiny prints in the snow.

C. No one should get this one wrong even if you are a city slicker.

D. No this is not a rabbits two hind feet, we don't have one in this week's challenge. This is one hoof print. Oh, maybe I shouldn't have said that.

E. Now look carefully at D. and E. Remember I gave you a hint about these two earlier.
It wasn't so hard now was it?
Stay tuned as they say for my seeds came in and so I'll be photographing for another chicken feed blog and we still have a few days of meat cutting photos. Today, I grind the Leaf Lard for rendering and smoke the sausages so I had better hop to it and get things done. Have a wonderful day and I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

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