Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Lumps and Bumps Pancakes

Oh Chicory, how I miss your wonderful milk. The wait is killing me. I know she has only a few weeks left until she freshens but her offspring will be devouring her milk and I'm still not going to get any. Boo, hoo!! I'm sorry but canned goat's milk just isn't the same. And the buttermilk I've been making from the store's cow's milk is so ho hum I've decided to quit. I know I'm spoiled. There is nothing quite so wonderful as fresh goat's buttermilk, thick, rich creamy, and so full of flavor that it has me completely spoiled.
But this morning I decided to make buttermilk pancakes anyway since this week we've had cereal one day and scrambled eggs another. So while the kids ate their morning helping of fruit, this morning it was pineapple from a can, (I'd gotten it on sale quite a while back and stocked up) I began putting together buttermilk pancakes. Look carefully at the photo and you will see lots of suspicious lumps and bumps. That's the tale that's a bit similiar to the old lady who swollowed a fly. Yeah, one thing led to another until I had lumps and bumps pancakes.
It started with a partial pint left of buttermilk, shy of the two cups I needed. So I measure out what I had and then...
I figured since the recipe called for sour cream, I'd make up the difference with it by added a larger portion. But... when I opened my last container, I discovered I didn't have much left. Barely the 1/4 of a cup the recipe called for.
So I spied the cottage cheese in the refrigerator and remembered I'd seen a recipe for pancakes calling for cottage cheese and I know there are bread recipes with it in it so I emptied the last of the cottage cheese into my paritally filled cups of buttermilk and between the three I had the required amount of dairy. Lucky, because my next move would have been to add yogurt but yesterday the kids ate the last of that.
What does all this mean. First of all I need to go grocery shopping. But since we were talking about make do or do without I thought I'd share my morning's adventure. You can often substitute interchangeably buttermilk, cottage cheese, yogurt, or sour cream. Yes, it does change the flavor a bit and if you are counting calores it might lower or raise them but it still is doable.

If you choose to use cottage cheese as a substitute, I'd highly recommend running it through the blender to moosh up the curd clumps first. I didn't and that's the lumps and bumps. You could see the curds as you cut into the pancakes. Not as appealing a sight, so next time I'll run the whole dairy conglomerate through the blender making a nice smooth addition. Meanwhile, I'm going to dream of fresh goat's milk and of course gather the girls up and go shopping. We've got to make a 40 mile trip to the next town over as I've some serious shopping to do and our little country store won't do. Wish me luck, I'm taking all three little girls as school gets out early today.

You might recognize the munchkins.
This is ...I've got a belly ache and don't want to go to school. Can I stay home with you Grandma? Yes, she had that horrible influenza last weekend and is still under the weather. But even on a good day, she's still looking for an excuse to stay with me. I'm just going to have to quit being so much fun. LOL Here is... Merry sunshine since she hasn't been sick but can't take but a couple stores before it's melt down time. We suspect a bit of Aspergers in her. That's why I've been staying up until late each night to adjust yet another pair of jeans, as she's grown again, and they have to fit just right or she can't handle it. Being hypersensitive in some areas, her tolerance levels are low. Clothes is one of those areas. And the littlest munchkin with a run away nose. No, she didn't have the flu like her sister but she did have two days of high fevers and this is what it left. Yup, grandma up and running every time she hears an achoo.
Oh the joys of parenthood. LOL

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