Friday, March 18, 2011

Unique Stress Relief

Since I've just minutes to pack before heading out to spend a weekend with out oldest daughter, our spring mother/daughter weekend, I'd like to share with you my unique way of relieving stress. Yup, this odd duck starts spouting made up quotes from yours truly when she feels she's knocking on a closed door. Sometimes the person on the other side gets to hear them and I'm hoping while they are stumbling around in the wrong direction some of these truths just might start ringing in their ears and get their attention. And sometimes I don't share these little tidbits because the person's radio isn't tuned to my frequency and they aren't yet listening. So these saying are mainly for me.
I think writing helps me to express what is hardest for me to say. I can change the words over and over again until I feel they are clear. I can't do that when I'm speaking and my brain is scrambling for the correct words while my emotions are tumbling all over themselves. And as I speak I'm fearful for once spoken, the words can't be returned.
Some of you could probably use some stress relief too so feel free to share with all of us on this blog, your own set of wisdom.
Life is less rOCky if you stand on your own two feet and not on everyone elses.

Don't think you can travel down the same road and reach a different destination.

No one deserves to be happy but everyone deserves the right to seek it.


Love can only flourish if two people share the same path, not just a crossroads.


When someone feels they are free to do as they please, someone else is not.


I feel better. Now it's your turn.

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