Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Not Just To Prevent Sunburns

Yes, doesn't she look cute munching on her strawberry? Little miss cutey patooty here is two and those of you who have small children or are grandmas know what that number means. Hidden inside this adorable exterior is a disaster waiting to happen. Don't blink, don't let them out of your sight because something terrible will surely greet you.
Yup, I was typing away on my blog and our youngest was drawing on paper on the floor beside me. I became engrossed in what I was writing and she slipped away from me into the living room. Realization dawned and I panicked. You and I both know what a two year old does with a pen. Not something good. Sure enough, she wrote on my leather chair. I adore leather furniture and I still think it is much nicer to have with children than upholstery. You can wipe their grimy finger prints off with soap and water, which I need to do this week, and you can get permanent marking pen off along with ink pen marks. Yes, you can. I'll show you the trick I learned off the Internet. All you have to do if you have dark leather is use children's sun screen. Dab a little on, rug it around, and rinse it off thoroughly. It magically disappears.
Try that with upholstery, it won't happen. I've done this three times now, wiping the art work of two different grandchildren off my leather. Twice it was pen and the other time it was a Sharpie permanent marking pen.

Next, we will explore noodles and the types that are suited best for different kinds of sauces. I made a wonderful Bolognese sauce last night I've got to tell you about. It was adapting a recipe to what I had in the refrigerator and upping the vitamin content to boot so stay tuned.
Later, we'll go and visit a Yak ranch. I'm researching Yaks as my husband wants one and I've been e-mailing a ranch not too far from us. We are setting up a visit. I'll of course bring you along via my blog so stay tuned.

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