Monday, May 16, 2011

Construction Cast Offs Become Cold Frames

I had to show you something nice and pretty because the weather isn't, GRR....Today, I woke up to green grass and I really shouldn't be complaining even though the wind has been gusting in the forties mph and the temperature was in the sixties, because yesterday was worse fifties F. for temps and fifties for wind. And that was after it became nice for in the early morning the cold wind was checking every nook and cranny of my coat trying to find its way in to bite me. The yak's exhales emitted white clouds and the water tanks were iced over.

I know, I know, I really shouldn't be complaining because others have it far worse, flooding, tornado clean up etc. But oh how I'm aching for a little warm weather and to quit hauling load and after load of wood to the basement, enough already, springtime where are you? 
That's true. It is at the corrals for not only do we have Chicory's kids but Katarina had her kid yesterday, all by herself. Whoo, hoo!! I definitely can't complain about that. Oh how I love it when I show up and it's all over with. The kid is half dry and though hunched, doing great. He must of had a time getting up because he refused to lay down. He kept dozing off and tottering back and forth. LOL 

 Since Contessa bred just hours after her sister, I'm anxiously awaiting the arrival of a doe. Okay, I really don't know what she's having but I want a doe so don't burst my bubble. I'm trying out the power of positive thinking. We'll soon know if it works. 
 And even though my house is a mess and the wind is blowing hard, it rarely doesn't blow, it's just a matter of how much, I put together those cold frames from the window coverings. Oh yeah, some of you don't know that story. To make this short, our town built a new fire station last year and they used two by four boards and plastic to cover the window openings until the windows arrived. There were a number of the frames of the same size and my brilliant husband - I hope he read this - thought they would make great cold frames for the garden. Last year we didn't get anything done since the grand kids were living with us and they are so small, but now they are being weaned off on to a babysitter so Grandma and Grandpa can get caught up a bit. I've know their babysitter since she was a young girl so it is a nice transition for me.

Anyway, back to the frames. I took off the frames which had ripped plastic and toed them together. You know, pounding in nails at an angle to attach the board below. You'd be really proud of me too because the boards didn't look more pounded in than the nails. My skills are improving. The boards didn't fit together perfectly but this is a scrounge job and it was free. Really free since they gave me the frames and I used the nails that held down the ripped plastic to put the frames together.

I deserve a star for recycling I think. Now to get the hoops made that will hold up the garden cloth that will also be a make shift cold frame. The hoops will be recycling also and maybe I can get a reward for being so green. A root beer float sounds nice. LOL Stars don't taste that good unless they are a star cookie and I know I'd have to bake those. I haven't the time. I'm gardening. Well, gardening until the rains begin again tomorrow that is. Bummer, I was just getting to work on my garden again. Pew! Oh well, the country will blossom because of it and my bees will love that. See I'm making lemonade out of lemons. It was something I always told our oldest daughter. Think of something positive about the negative. 

Hm... What shall I do next? I can't decide whether to do build the frames to hold up the cloth tunnels or work on the small chicken coop. Which will be needed first? That's the question. 
The plants under the grow lights are growing fast and will soon be too large for their pots. Many of the broccoli already are and that is what is going under the wood cold frames as soon as this stretch of raining cold weather passes. Then I'll probably use the frames for  peppers and the .....? Then again, the chicks are growing fast. I'll have to show you an update but for now I'd best get started on supper. My husband works long long days.

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