Friday, May 6, 2011

There a Buzzing!!

 Remember those bees that stung me fifty time on my arms last fall? Well, they are sweethearts this spring. Call them bi-polar if you want for yes, they were really, really, cranky last fall when I went frame by frame through the hives but yesterday when I went through looking for brood and putting new frames in the brood chambers, they weren't at all interested in me. I could of almost done it without suiting up.  The difference was that in the fall they new that if I stole their honey, they would starve to death come winter. In the spring they are too busy bringing in the food.

Note, the pollen baskets on their legs.

Yesterday, I also hauled wheelbarrow after wheelbarrow of manure, spreading it on to the garden. Today, I'm rototilling and getting ready for the yaks which will arrive tomorrow. I'm am sooooo.... excited. Stay tuned for pictures.
 Today, the chicks arrived in great shape.
They ate and ate and ate, and when they weren't eating they were drinking. Twenty-five chicks have downed a quart of sugar water already today. Wish I had time to sit down and watch them. Oh how I love chick vision but I've  no time. The weather is nice but tomorrow afternoon it is to begin raining. I've got to hussle and get my work done outside and I've no time to chat. For those of you who have commented, I promise to chat soon. It's early May, the warmth and nice weather unfortunately, won't last long. So high ho, high ho, it's off to work I go.

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