Friday, May 20, 2011

I'm Drowning

I'm drowning, drowning in the work that comes all in a rush during springtime and literally drowning too. Okay, I lied. I'm not really literally drowning. I just feel like it, for we live in an area where 10 inches of rain is a good year and we've had several inches in the last few days. Our cussed clay soil tries to hoard every drop and instead of percolating downward, like a good coffee maker,  and sharing, it stays near the surface drowning thousands of invaluable souls. 

Rather than suffocate, they are commiting Harry Carrie by the thousands on the sidewalks and pavement all over town. I keep saying enough already, we need some sunshine too. I know, I know, we recieve most of our moisture in the spring and early summer and spreading it out just doesn't happen but does it have to send thousand and thousands to their death? 
Our youngest grand daughter has organized the - Save The Worm Foundation - with herself as President and me as the rescue squad - even though her recruit can't bend quite like she use to and she looks more like a giraffe trying to reach down for a sip of water, than a graceful gazelle but hey, volunteers come cheap. You take whom you can get.

You may not think we are making much of a difference, but to those few worms we save, we are. I admit, I'm partial to saving the worms on my driveway and curb. Self serving I know, but these wiggly little creatures do me so much good I think I should put them first.

Besides the garden, we need lots for the end of our grand kids fishing hooks. Just don't tell the worms. The grand kids loose them quicker than I loose flies off my fly rod.

If you've wondered about the silence well, I've been digging ditches.  A narrow one all around the house trying to re-route water from the down spouts. They've been insisting on shooting it along the house's foundation and it creeps into the window wells and basement. We aren't yet to the re-landscaping portion of our renovations but the pregnant clouds couldn't wait. I begged them to cross their legs. Alas, their water broke and not only have I been soaked chauffeuring kids back and forth to school and trying to keep our basement dry, I'm also draining small ponds in our corrals in an attempt to keep the sheds dry. 

If I'm not digging ditches I'm learning to use my microwave/convection oven. The one we bought four years ago and has only been used as a microwave.

Some small soul, I won't name names but she is the middle child, pushed buttons and pulled the lock handle on the oven. Now the appliance swears the oven door is locked but it isn't. I proved it to her, (You did know it was a she didn't you? She's related to Betty Crocker, a distant cousin.) and moved the lock handle back and forth but she refuses to bake. I've talked nicely while pressing buttons and I've even shouted but to no avail. Next I'm going to make her clean her oven and see if that doesn't work, if I can find the dang blasted instructions on how to do so. Okay, I admit, I don't clean my oven very often. My excuse is that she is in use most of the time. If not, then I'm thinking of using her.

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