Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Kinghorn Wax Beans

 "Grandpa, you'd be proud of me. I grew your beans this year but the yield doesn't look anything like yours."

"In fact Grandpa, none of my beans this year look too hunky dory. They are really late producing too as they are just beginning to come on. I guess that means I won't be able to save seed off of the Kinghorn beans you created for Del Monte and others. Oh well, maybe next year."

"But oh how I do wish you were still here with us so you could give me the scoop on what is going on in my garden. Some stuff is doing real well, like the Rouge something or other pumpkins that I now just call the Cinderella pumpkins since your grand daughter, our oldest, looked them up and found out they were the inspiration for the pumpkin shaped carriage on the movie Cinderella. One of my favorite movies when I was a kid you might remember."

"This new heirloom species has taken over the garden. I'll know to put it somewhere else other than smack dab center next time I grow it. I am getting pretty excited about this kind as one of the good sized pumpkins is turning orange and I just can't wait until it turns red and I can taste it. I hope it is good since it is pretty hard to get much to grow here in eastern Wyoming."
"Well that's all for now, I just thought if you were looking down from heaven, you might see that I'm thinking of you and missing singing those silly little songs with you like, "Once There Was a Snowman" and the one about the goat that ate the long johns off the clothes line. Tell Grandma, I love her and miss her a whole heap too."

your grand daughter,

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