Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Strangling Pumpkins

Some of you might remember earlier in the summer my whining about not enough bees in the yard. LOL The Lord answered my prayers and we've had lots and lots of Bumble bees arrive. As for the other types of bees, they are still a bit scarce but beggars can't be choosers. I'm just happy these girls arrived.
As for my Rouge Vif d'Etampes, don't ask me to say that, they finally quit dying on the vine and started making red pumpkins. I know, I know, they are yellow right now, but if the good Lord blesses them, they will be red this fall. I've never grown them before but I wanted to start raising some heritage pumpkins as they are reputed to have far more flavor than the modern variety. I do love a good tasting pumpkin so I started some plants and then never got them planted in the garden last year. 

Why does it often take me two years to reach my goals? Last year was the year I was going to grow sunflower seeds on the north and south ends of the garden. It didn't happen, as is often the case. I think I have too many, goals, silly, not sunflowers.

 Now that I've planted them and they are growing, I'm questioning if they will make heads before frost and give me seeds or if they will just keep reaching for the sun. In the heavily manure area, they've grown way past the corn, which is taller than ever before having passed my 5'7", and I'm wondering if my goals of producing some seeds for my goats and chickens is yet another year off.

I haven't researched the soil and water requirements for sunflowers but I suspect too much fertilizer is the culprit, for I once had potato plants that were monstrosities but underneath only a few scrawny potatoes developed. I've heard I should of stomped on the plants a bit. I don't know if it works for I've never had the problem again. I do know I can't exactly stomp on my sunflowers. 

BUT, what about the picture with all the Bumble bees. Well, it is a lone volunteer in my flower bed. I suspect the seed blew in from my bird feeder.  
Oh my, I've gotten side tracked haven't I? I was talking about those Rouge something or others that I can't pronounce. I suspect the word is French. Blond, blond hair, and blue eyes, nope, I'm not French and so I can only guess. 
But I do love to explore things from different countries like the Siberian tomatoes and the Glacier once from Sweden which I'm still growing in my garden.

Now, I'm going to try out different squash but between these Rouge pumpkins and the Delicata squash, both heritage vegetables new to the garden, they've taken over the whole garden plot strangling tomato plants, crawling over the broccoli and now they escaping out onto the lawn. I know, I know, I should trim the things back but I can't hardly find anywhere to put my feet in my garden that I won't be stepping on plants.

Yes, once again I've crowded too much into too small a space. But I think this year it is worse than ever. If only we lived in the country with a bit of land to stretch out on to. Alas, I'll just have to plan better for next year and curb my gardening appetite.

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