Thursday, August 4, 2011

Whipping Egg Whites

I've started collecting my notes for my first cooking class, Breakfast Is In The Freezer, and we'll be discussing eggs. Souffle is on the menu. But there are a few tips to whipping up egg whites nice and fluffy.

1. Separate your whites from the yolks when the eggs are cold.

2. Use egg whites that are at room temperature to whip because they will whip higher. 

3. a. Use a copper bowl to whip them in as it stabilizes the eggs. I don't have one so I use the stainless steel bowl in my kitchen- aid mixer or my favorite glass mixing bowls that were imported from England.

b. If you use stainless steel or glass it is recommended that you add cream of tarter to stabilize the proteins in the egg whites.

c. Plastic is not recommended because it is too porous and absorbs odors, oils, you name it. And oil is a big no, no when trying to create volume. Remember to also thoroughly clean your utensils.

d.Aluminum bowls are a no, no also as the metal turns the eggs a grayish color. Plus, as the mixer beats around the bowl, it shaves off tiny particles of aluminum putting it inside your food. Aluminum is not one of the good metals necessary for optimal health. 

3.Start beating your egg whites on low and increase the speed slowly. If you start at too high a speed the air bubbles become unstable resulting in a flatter result.

4. Add the cream of tarter after the eggs are beaten and have formed shiny peaks.

There you have it, one of discussions we will be having in class.

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