Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fall Painting Chores

 Every year I paint the sheds just to keep them in one piece. You think I'm kidding but I'm not. A couple of our old sheds are pushing 25 years old and the one made of plywood is fairing much better than the one made of particle board. Take note. Particle board does not hold up nearly as long as plywood so spend the extra bucks -- it's worth it.  

As I debated about what to use to put the paint in that was out of the five gallon paint bucket, I settled on an old milking pail because I knew the paint would form a lovely skin that when dried would peel off in long strips leaving me once more a scrap bucket for the chickens. Since I don't use many packaged products from the store, I had no throw away container.

If it weren't for the goats I probably could get by every two years but they rub against the old buildings wearing off the paint. Then there is our tumultuous weather, (can I use the word tumultuous when I'm referring to weather?) a building won't last very long without some form of protection. I've tried helping hubby fasten tin to the outside of the plywood to try to make them last longer. (You know I had to come clean and say hubby did it or I'd get in trouble. You'd know the truth anyway since you've seen my new chicken coop. Handy man I'm not.) It does require less maintenance but still it rusts and you have to keep the dirt or manure from building up around the bottom because that holds moisture and it rusts. That's the case of one of the sheets of tin on the shed in the buck goat's pen. 

So painting it is to keep the two sheds lasting a little longer. I have to do it in the fall when most of the kids are sold and the one or two left are grown up a bit, not so inclined to bounce off the sides with their playful kid antics. With me once again being the primary grandchild babysitter, on this sunny school day I had our youngest who's two. This was a couple weeks ago so our oldest daughter was here and stayed an extra day to help corral our grand daughter. 

She of course is my little helper and had to paint too. Amazingly she painted for over an hour before once more returning to pouring grain from one bucket to the next. Her favorite pastime. Our oldest daughter may not of gotten much painting done but she was a huge blessing that day.   

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