Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Soon To Arrive

I've got to tell someone. I'm so excited. Look at all that testosterone. I've been drooling over this buck's picture are a month now and I can hardly believe it but Karen from http://www.mega-milkers.called me up and asked if I would like to buy him. She has several daughters that she has kept from him and since she has such a small herd, very many more and it would be her entire herd. She will of course still have the option to breed does to him and her daughter who doesn't live very far from me will be needing his services this fall. That was part of the deal I was glad to agree to. 

When she e-mailed me Sunday with her proposal, Kirk and I debated over him all day throwing around the pros and cons of buying him but the fact that this big boy is already a Grand Champion and  has proven himself in the quality of daughters he has produced so far, he's only three and his linear appraisal score at two years old tipped the scales in his favor over a newly born buck  who's future is completely unwritten. The cost of course is far greater for him over a newly born buck but still the pro's way out wayed the cons on our list. 

This has thrown my entire plans askew and sent me in a dither since I had chosen does from the Mega-milker herd to buy a doeling and a buck kid from next spring. Now I feel like I need one more doe but alas, most herds have already culled their numbers and have none for sale. The two herds I was looking to buy from anyway.

And as reality sets in, I really should be patient because we need a squeeze chute worse than we need another doe and we need new hay feeders in a really bad way also. Texans have bought up a great deal of the hay in our area due to their severe drought, causing the price of hay to skyrocket.  So that very precious commodity can not be wasted in any way.

Oh dear, what should I do with so little money and so much desire.

I guess I'll just be happy and keep searching for that used squeeze chute, (I have a couple possible leads) while I make arrangements to pick up our new beautiful big boy.

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