Thursday, September 22, 2011

Pumpkins and Squash

Rouge Vif de'Etampes --can't wait until these beauties age a little so we can try them in pumpkin pies. Has anyone tried this variety young like you would summer squash? I've read you can eat them at that stage also. I've also read that these pumpkins make the very best pumpkin pie. We'll soon find out. The yield is awesome as you can see but they do take over the garden with their vigorous vines. And the weight of them I hope equates to a pretty solid interior which means a high yield.

As a note, the boots next to the pumpkins are our six year old grand daughters, not mine but these are big pumpkins. They were fascinating how they start out yellow and then turn orange and finally this red blushing orange.
I also grew another small pumpkin that was suppose to be good in pies. I'll have to go down and look up the label but alas you'll have to find out when I cook them for the kids are here again so I can't tarry.

I will state that the Delicato are so far a big disappointment. They are suppose to taste a bit like a sweet potatos but even though I love sweet potatoes, the yield is too low and the size too small to warrant a space in my garden. I'll go back to raising Buttercup, my favorite. I also love Hubbard squash. Oh my, I could really get into growing all kinds of squash  and pumpkins if it didn't take up so much room. Alas, I'll just have to grow a few different kinds now and then to test them out to determine what will be a sure winner here, up north.

Yield and flavor the two determining factors.

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