Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Cinnamon/Sugar Swirl Bread

 What's yummy in the morning, okay, any time of the day? Cinnamon/Sugar Swirl bread of course. Our daughter, Toni, was here for the weekend to help work on the business we are starting. This bread is one of her favorites. Yup, I admit it. I bribe my kids to like me with food. I haven't got money to do it with so we laugh a lot and cook lots of good food.

And to keep my son thinking of me, a couple weeks ago when my hubby went over to do a forging demonstration for a group of decorative metal workers, he stayed with our son, I of course sent food, molasses cookies, along with dog treats for his beloved dog, Bard. Wouldn't want him out of my good graces -- he's big. I meant the dog, not our son. Though that could be said of our son also. At 6 feet 2 inches he isn't exactly tiny.

This is the same son, that has laughingly informed me years ago, when he was in his early twenties, that if he could, he would keep me barefoot and in the kitchen cooking at all times. LOL
 Yes, I admit it, my family associates me with food. It's one of the ways I say I love you, to indulge them with their favorites.

We had rich home-made Alfredo sauce and beet noodles this weekend, one of Toni's favorites, and I made this bread for her to take home and share with her office mates.
 Only, I added a new twist I'd learned in the latest Cook's magazine.  No, I did not use their bread recipe because then I'd have to slow down and follow it. The grand kids were running under foot and we were busy sewing, photographing, drawing, and doing computer work on the business. I didn't have time nor the mental focus. Instead, I whipped up a dump version of white bread and rolled it out, spreading a layer of butter on top. (Not as much as in cinnamon rolls.)

I then sprinkled a mixture of cinnamon and white sugar on top along with generous handfuls of raisin, (I love raisins) and jelly rolled it.
 This is when I depart from the cinnamon roll method of construction, besides adding brown sugar not white that is. For instead of slicing the dough cross ways, I slice it the long way.
I discovered that the insides want to spill open. I kind of pat shut each section and began to braid. Left over right and right is now left. You then braid the new left over right again which was once right then became left but has now become right again. Did I confuse you. Darn! I was trying so hard.

Anyway, when you are flopping the left side over the right side continuously, you keep the opened up (trying to flop open) side of the bread always facing up. When done braiding, poke in your raisins and cut the braid the length to fit inside a bread pan. Grease the bread pan and place the braid inside.
Let rise and cook like usual. The not as pretty and less cinnamon and sugar part of the braid, I put in a pan for us and sent the pretty and yummier sectioned bread home with our daughter. The loaf of plain bread I sent with our other daughter and we were all happy.

Next, I've got to tell you about the experiment I did with wheat flour but not today I've already posted twice.

Oh my, I almost forgot to tell you why you braid your Cinnamon/Sugar Swirl bread. I am getting so forgetful. Yes, it looks pretty but the main reason is you don't get the gapping openings in your bread between the cinnamon/sugar mixture and the bread dough.

Try it, it works great!

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