Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Fun of Pigtails

 Remember when you wore pigtails. Those fun strands of hair that bob up and down and slap back and forth across your face when you swing your head from side to side. It's been a long time since I wore pigtails but I haven't forgotten the cool way they move.

Our youngest grand daughter had her first full set. You know, the ones where all your hair will fit into them. We've kept her hair short until now and Monday when I pulled her fine hair into two delightful swinging pendulums, our grand daughter couldn't leave them alone.
 She flipped them and....
 twirled them...
and looked ever so cute. Even when tears where rolling down her cheeks and her nose had flooded when a DVD of Scooby Doo was removed from the DVD player and Willy Wanka And The Chocolate Factory was inserted. The old one of course that I watched as a child. It is ever so much better than the newer version.
 But all was made better when she could curl up in one of Grandma's scrap quilts and cuddle with her Aunt Toni.
 Then the disappointment was forgotten when the Crayola window markers were taken out of the drawer and free rein was given to draw on the livingroom's great big picture window.

I love those markers. They wash off so easily but be sure and get the crayola like ones with the thick tips. They work so..... much better than the fine tips ones.

And because she is so... stinking funny, I've got to tell you about what our youngest grand daughter said. She's three and like so many before her, she got a hold of a pair of scissors and whacked off a chunk of her own hair. Thankfully only a chunk as her oldest sister removed the whole crown of her red head of hair down to a inch. It took forever to grow out and you couldn't hide it. 

 Hence, our daughter, her mom, has been trying to teach her that she should not be doing her own hair cuts.

When her Aunt Toni came over to her home, her mom  asked her," Now who cuts your hair?" and our grand daughter dutifully repeated the script she'd been taught,
"Mommy and Ammaw." (Ammaw is me.) Then as she turned and walked off, Toni heard her say cheerfully under her breath, " And me!"

LOL... yup, probably won't be the last time this character gives herself a haircut, no sirree.

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