Thursday, February 23, 2012

Me Thinks She's Getting Big

You think she'll have triplets again?

That would be my guess. She's awfully full. Look how deep down she goes.
Combine that with how wide she is as she waddles instead of walks and me thinks she's going to have her third set of triplets. She is due March 19 th and I can't wait. I'm craving goat milk so......bad. Lately I've been cooking with store milk but I don't drink it. It tastes like water and looks blue in comparison to fresh milk.

Combine that craving with the anticipation of seeing our first kids out of Touch of Classic, our new buck, and you've got a big, big event about to take place. You goat owners know just what I'm talking about. The  rest of you will just have to use your imaginations. 

So please pardon me if I keep staring at Chicory's udder willing it  to grow and grow. You see I've got plans for that milk. I did really well at keeping my buttermilk culture going last year and this year I want to do much better with yogurt and sour cream.

But the first step in the process is kids on the ground. So come on kids. Our oldest grand daughter asked the other day when she helped me do chores. "Grandma, are you going to have to stick your arm up Chicory again? That was gross."

I had to laugh and tell her, "Don't know. We'll see." Funny how this doe has waited three years in a row for an audience of viewers to arrive, place their buckets in a semi-circle in the shed to sit on, then form a cheerleading squad. Silly goat!!

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