Monday, October 4, 2010

A Seam At A Time

An update on the progress of my quilt. I'm just a third done. It's slow but I'm progressing. Some days like today, I get only twenty minutes work on the quilt. That wasn't done in one stretch either. In fact, I spent numerous different small periods of time. Off and on all day, I've worked on laundry and when a few minutes allowed, I pinned fabric, ironed, or sewed. Sometimes only a couple small seams or one long one.The only way to managed that is to have my sewing machine, which is behind our oldest grand daughter, and the ironing board set up ready.

They are in the basement in the laundry room, out of reach of our youngest grand daughter- the demolition expert, and away from the oldest two kids. The fabric and cutting supplies are in a plastic container under my bed and are slipped out for use. The bulk of the time making this quilt is in the sewing and our oldest grand daughter would love to help more pulling out pins and such but then that means the other two are likely to be not far behind headed down the stairs to cause trouble. When they are older, it will be different.

This weekend promises to be two days when I can spend hours sewing but then I've had promises like that before and so time will tell. Meanwhile, a seam at a time, I'll work my way through this quilt. The same way I use to make the kids clothes when they were young. It was amazing what twenty minutes a day would accomplish, especially when you use the same patterns over and over making four or five sets of underwear or shirts in assembly line fashion. Changing the collar, the puff in the sleeve, or some other mild alterations can create a whole new look without my having to learn a new set of pattern instructions. In that manner, I made most of the kid's clothes from underwear out when they were small. Oh that doesn't mean I didn't use new patterns but the bulk of the clothing was the same thing changed to create a new look. I'm not doing that now for the grand kids but I hope to sew a dress for each of them this winter. My priority right now needs to be quilts.

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