Wednesday, October 13, 2010


If there was ever a self-portrait, this would have to be it. Yup, my Addison's disease is kicking my butt lately. That doesn't mean I can just stay in bed as all you moms know. Children, small ones in particular wait for no-one to feel better. So I've decided to try and slow down a bit, actually, quite a bit and see if I can get to feeling better. I can't just keep taking more medication to compensate.
So the plan is to cut my post down to three, four a week and you'll probably see post with combined topics because of it. This is a highlight of what's new we've done the last few days. Monday, the kids didn't have any school and so we pulled out the window paints I'd been saving for cooler weather. They decorated their bedroom window.
And one stray little soul wondered off into drawing on the bunk beds. Yes, she's reached the age of two - mentally, not physically. Mine is her favorite word and she has opinions, lots of very vocal ones. When she shakes her head it is very deliberate and precise. I can see myself in this little one. Since using pens and crayons have become facinating tools, next to electrical outlets that is, then I've grown to really appreciate these wide window markers by crayola. They wash off so easily, even off clothes and furniture.
If you are wondering, it is a artistic rendition of a butterfly.
Artisan - age four. Then Tuesday, when Mother Hubbard's cupboards were rather bare of things to quickly pop into a lunch box and bread was non existent, I decided that the Zoo should visit our grand daughter's lunch box.
I cut the cheese block lengthwise.
Using these small cookie cutters, though the big ones are easier to use as I did try a pig cutter, I cut out zoo animals from the cheese. Larger cutters would work great with sandwiches especially is the bread was cut also.
Then Idid the same thing with ham slices. Added a few Ritz crackers and the combination took the place of a sandwich. It was for our grand daughter to assemble herself.
The scrap ham and cheese was tossed into scrambled eggs for breakfast.
So as I have only a few more minutes to get the smaller two children up from their naps in order to go pick up the oldest, I'd better say goodbye for today and see if a smiling face waking them up gets me a dirty look that says "Go away leave me alone." or if I get a "Let's go Grandma."

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