Saturday, March 24, 2012

Fun, on The Calico Bush on Facebook

This is going to be so.... much fun. I've Facebook account for The Calico Bush, my new business. This week, I'm starting a knit along with a link for a free hat pattern from Knit Picks.
Ring of Cables Hat Pattern

Ring of Cables Hat Pattern

by Kim Cameron
I've been wanting to make this pattern and what better way to do it than with my friends. It has to have a few changes though from the original. You know I was going to say that.  
The pattern calls for two skeins of worsted super wash Merino wool; 110 yards/50gram balls for cable A design.

 I want to make my hat from this hand wash, merino, alpaca, possum yarn BUT...
 I only have one skein of green and one skein of brown.

And because I'm not using just one color of yarn like the pattern, it will need to be stripes since there is only 114 yards in each skein. Not a lot to do pattern work with but I want a little interesting transition between colors. With just eight yards extra, if my knitting is the same tension as the original hat, then to make the stripes a little different and add on a overlap in the band I'm probably cutting it close to running out of yarn by the time I'm done.

Oh yeah, that's the other change I want to make. I want to have a small overlap in the band and add a button hole and hand-made button to class it up.

No, I haven't made the button yet. That is coming last, so I'm starting with waste yarn so I can make accommodations for whatever size button I decide to create at the end. It will be easier to know what would look best at this point, a button that accentuates or steals the show. Can't wait to find out.

To add another interesting twist to the knit along, I'm going to knit in some pretty interesting locations. Feel free to share photos of what yarn you choose to knit with, something fancy or something inexpensive and simple. It all depends on where you want to wear your new hat and what suites your fancy. As for me, it's this yarn that was a gift and has been calling my name rather loudly, "Use me, use me!" I'm itching to see what possum feels like. Oh how I hope it doesn't do that.  LOL

Feel free to follow the pattern or ride along with me as I make changes. Show me where you knit, even if it isn't this particular hat that you are working on.

Let's have some fun. Join me Monday afternoon on Facebook at The Calico Bush for all the action.

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