Thursday, March 15, 2012

Possible Milk Fever

 Isn't Bella cute? But what I want you to take note of is her momma, Chicory, and how upright her feet are. This photo was taken Monday.
 This is a photo on Tuesday. Chicory is guarding her little ones sleeping and her hips are still tipped sharply from delivery and maybe because she doesn't feel real well. Her legs are sharply posty in back. A little concern on our part but she did just give birth so it was a keep watch mode at this stage.
Compare that picture with this foot. This is this morning. Note how far under the hoof is thrust. Chicory can barely get around her feet hurt so bad. This hoof is the worse but the others aren't great either.
 It started yesterday and last night we gave her 5 cc's of a broad spectrum antibiotic along with Calcium Drench just in case she is having a Milk Fever episode. Milk Fever really doesn't have to do with milk at all or in the case of my does, a fever either. I've had two does I suspected of Milk Fever in my 29 years of having goats. The first two years not counting because the goats were wethers.

Both does happen to be heavy milkers but that doesn't have to be the case with Milk Fever. The problem isn't always that the doe doesn't have enough calcium but for some reason or other, her body isn't using her stores. In my case, I feed calcium in their diet. 

As for Chicory, she did this little episode when she kidded the first time, with her previous owner. Who happens to be a very conscientious, record keeping, goat owner. She records every hoof trim, milking amounts, everything. It was this foot problem that made her available to us.

For the past three kiddings, I've owned her. She's had a mild problem of going down a bit on her pasterns. Yet, last year her feet were stronger than the year before. She did have a weird week last week before kidding. Her udder was huge and rock hard, plus she never had strong contraction though when I went inside her, the first kids feet were right inside ready. 

Does Chicory have Milk Fever, don't know, but we'll cover the bases of bacterial infection from birth and Milk fever. 
Wish Chicory could talk, beyond her insesant moaning that is. We'd get a better picture of what's wrong. But beyond her leaning her head on me for sympathy and the moans, she's not talking. 

She is up on her feet a bit more today. Compared to last night when she didn't even move off the ground where she was laying when I poked her twice to inject the 5 cc's in two sites to lesson the soreness, that's a good sign. 
She fought me more on this morning's dose of calcium. I drench her using a turkey baster. Its's cheap and if you squeeze slowly, the goat won't drown.

This calcium drench works okay too. It's for cows but I have both on hand from a few years ago when I had a Saanen do the same thing. She didn't come out quite so well. I didn't know what was going on and the delay meant she ended up with heart problems. She went on to continue having kids but always had to be watched carefully and treated with extra calcium when she kidded. I called a gal who previously ran a 1200 cow dairy with her day and she continues to raise a few Holstein cows for show. I learned a bunch.

You may not have had to deal with milk fever. I hope not.  But it is wise to have supplies on hand, just in case. A goat can go down and die within a very short period, before the store or vets open in the morning. Here, we don't take our goats to the vets if possible because they are not real knowledgeable about them. Cattle, horses, sheep, dogs, and cats being the main business and I understand that. One can't be up to date on every species health issues. That would be a huge task. 

This site has a brief over view of the problem.

Oh yeah, since it doesn't rain but pours, I'm treating an eye infection on Daisy, one of the kids, and our daughter went into labor yesterday, two months too early.

The hospital was able to stop her labor but it's stay down time since she's having other complications also.

The good news is Murphy appears to have grown bored attacking our computers. LOL

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