Monday, March 12, 2012

In Honor Of Saint Patrick's Day

 I've told you that I'm starting a small business of my own. I have so much spare time you know. LOL Well, I'm ready to show you one of the things I'm selling - small project bags. They are perfect way to transport your latest hand project whether it be crochet, knitting, or sewing. They are 10 x 9 x 5 inches and handily keep all together the hat, scarf, socks, or a part of a sweater that your working on, ready to grab and go. I've got just such a project, a pair of socks I'm knitting from the toe up, a new technique for me.    

The prompt to make these bags came from my oldest daughter. She had a project bag she liked but thought it too big but the size down from the same company that she bought me for Christmas turned out to be too small. So like Goldilocks, I set out to find just right. 

When our daughter asked, " How do you make these bags?" I first whipped one up for our grand daughter as part of her birthday gift and had so much fun, I made several more bags continuing to make improvements. To keep the fun going, I decided to sell the bags along with several other ideas I've had for some time. 

One of these bags I gave to a gal at Interweave Press as a thank you. She helped me on a spinning project as a curtesy to our daughter, who is a friend of hers. I mentioned that I was wanting to start a business. What I was hoping for was feed back on ways to further improve the product since I knew she was an avid knitter. She loved her bag so much, to my shock, she asked to feature it in the new and notables section in an upcoming magazine. All of a sudden my idea to start a business just got moved into high gear.

The magazine won't be coming out for a couple months but I want to let you in on a deal I'm having for Saint Patrick's Day week on Etsy. Monday March 12 th at noon Wyoming time to Monday the 19th at noon so you'll have the weekend to look also. I haven't an ounce of Irish in me but I have Irish friends and in honor of them, I'm having a sell on any project bag that has green in the fabric. 

such as this bag I've called Irish Spring, no relation to the soap.
This bag regularly sell for $24.00 dollars but now is $22.00.

 Minus the extras, this bag, like most on my Etsy page, sells for $22.00 but this week is $20.00. The bags are double thick, lined with contrasting cotton fabric. They have a nice square botton so they'll sit better than your labrador puppy and a draw string that won't pull out. This one is called Hourglass Lime. I'm starting to really like the color lime.
I've got such a broad taste, maybe because I am so broad but whatever the reason I also like this exotic frog fabric that I call Jungle Frogs at Midnight and some of the frogs are green so it's included at the $20.00 price.
 This material kind of reminds me of how as a kid I'd fill the horses's stock tank with so many frogs my equine friends would no longer drink out of it and I'd be in deep doo doo with Dad. I was also the one with the Horny Toads in her pockest. 

 Yes, I was often called a Tom Boy.

 This next one makes me think of Zinnias and both my grandmothers who had lots and lots of flowers along with a vegetable garden. I call this bag, Zinnias and Polk a Dots. Not exactly an exciting title I know but my daughter said I had to name them something that described the bag and would likely come up in a name search, she being a online expert. And here I was really going to get creative until she said that. Squelched all the fun in naming them but lucky for you this bag also has green on it and sells for $20.00.

And in thinking of Jane Austen and one of my favorite movies,  Pride and Prejudice,  Jane Austen Style is what I named the bag below and it is also $20.00.
So check out my website at and keep checking back as I start putting up my livestock bags and home-made buttons created from a variety of horns, wood, mastadon ivory, and bone. 

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