Thursday, March 1, 2012

Still researching the phytates and phytic acids in grains and I'm not completely sure what my plan of action will be but this article has been the best so far that I've found.
  But before I move forward on my grain project, I've I some onions that needed dealt with before I lost any more of them. Some of the onions,, I've had in the basement from our garden, have begun to sprout. A few are just down right rotten but many of them are soft on the outer layers but pulling that aside, underneath is solid tissue. It is this tissue that I chop up and put in the dehydrator. 
 There is just too many sections of onions of good onion for us to eat anytime soon.
With them dehydrated, I can put them on top of a roast or put them through the blender to break them up into small pieces and mix with dried bread crumbs and spices for a yummy coating on meat. With their intense flavor, because of dehydrating, dried onions are really good in soups too. And these dehydrated onions will help fill in the gap from when I run out of stored onions and when onions in the garden are ready to pick once again.
 With just two of us, these onions still in the box will last into May. That's when onions of undetermined breed will start their green sprouts. I brought them home from my folks and they call them winter onions but these onions don't have hardly any bulb underneath the flattish shoots. No, they are like a chive. The green shoots are more flat and much larger. They do have strong oniony flavor and will do in a pinch. These onions are hardy and winter over through our cold Wyoming winters.

I also have some onion seed that I need to get started. It was a part of the experiment last year where I saved seed from an onion left in the garden over the winter, that sprouted come spring.With not much surviving the harsh winters, it is a good candidate to propagate, since the point is to choose vegetable breeds that do well in your area along with individuals within that breed.

 And since onion seed only last a year, it's do or die situation, literally, with that seed.

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