Friday, June 26, 2009

Bald Top

A natural bald spot on top a chicken's head? Strange wonders never cease. No, the chickens not old. Remember the baby chick with the puff on top his head that looked like a marshmallow stuck up there? Well, he's growing a fine headdress all but the crown of his head. What's with that? Do chickens have a bald chromosome that they inherit on their mother's side just like humans? We had a Buff Polish rooster up until last year and he didn't do this. Since this young cockerel is so young, it is probably just a quirk and he'll gain feathers on the bald spot eventually.

When his headdress gets to be four inches long he will be quite a site.

P.S. Our daughter commented that some of my readers may not of gotten the joke about the prints in the pictures on the kitchen walls, or rather lack of them. The paper prints supplied by the manufacturer are the brunt of the jokes and we have named the people in the prints and given them identities. Our oldest daughter and I have started toying with a story exchange about the fictitious character named Mark and his brothers George and Paul. It is in the comment section on the last blog.

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