Friday, June 19, 2009

Name That Kitten

Aren't they adorable?

Bibbs, their mom, moved them from the hay barn to the milking shed right before I left for my Mom's on Tuesday. The hay barn seemed like such a good play pen for them so why, I couldn't figure out, did she move them. There was a chance she'd change her mind and go back to hay stack. She didn't. So, when I returned, I began to dismantle the make-shift home we'd built for the kittens, with the intent to feed the hay. Hefting aside one of the bales that formed the roof, I uncovered four newborn babies. They must be Cinders, she's Bibbs's best friend. Now I know why Bibbs vacated her home. Cats can really be sweet.

The calico on the right is named Sandy. It's a no brainer, she's a girl. All calicos are a girls, but the gray one, well... I think its a girl but I'd better take a good look. Last years, quick glance transformed before our eyes from Maggy to Magnum. That wasn't bad but a few years ago a fast glance ended up being stuck with Sue. He's a three legged, onery fighter.

I'd welcome suggestions on names and meanwhile I'll make a thorough exam to disclose the kitten's true gender.

This is my frost bitten garden.

. The top picture is a potato plant and the bottom one a pumpkin. Winter has been long in passing. In fact, on the Big Horn Mountains, there was still four foot snow drifts by the road, when I drove over them to my mom's.

The gardens on the other side of the mountain look as bad or worse than my own. So, I don't feel so bad about mine, that is until Jim started e-mailing us pictures of his garden. Green tomatoes with just a blush of red - cantaloupe heavy on the vine and the even though I realized he's in Alabama, not Wyoming, it still makes me feel jealous.

Neighbors baby geese are so adorable.

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