Saturday, June 13, 2009

A Wonderful Ending

(Part three of three postings this week)

We had gone early Sunday morning, before church, in search of the Mallard hen and drake who were parents of ten ducklings. Toni had found them swimming in the library's pond a few days earlier. Today,they were no where to be found, but we had a lovely stroll around the grounds studying the plants, and enjoying the sleeping city while listening to the birds greet a new day.
Bronze sculpture by the Library

As we wondered, I was reflecting upon our weekend and having a hard time excepting the fact we would be leaving for home in a few hours. I giggled, recalling the verbal shuffle in our car's backseat between Toni and our son, Kalob. We were returning from supper on Friday night and Kalob was sitting with his arm around his girlfriend staring out at the street signs and complaining about the problems they'd encountered trying to find his sister's home.

"It would help if the presidents were at least in order." he grumbled."If I built a city, the signs would have pictures not words -- like stick man with a club."

Musing along those lines, Toni piped in, " Then I'd live on the corner of Stick Man With A Club and Kitten With a Ball of Yarn. Which is one street past Fat Lady On A Bicycle."

Most anxious to see how this conversation played out, we didn't want to interrupt, but Kirk and I were really struggling by this time to stifle our laughter.

"The only problem would be how well people could draw." replied Kalob.

"I can just imagine the postman looking at an envelope and saying, 'Is that a fat lady on a bicycle or is it a buffalo?' quipped Toni."

That was it, we couldn't hold it in any longer and burst out laughing.

Kalob's girlfriend hesitated a moment and then joined us. I wonder what she thinks of this crazy family? This was only our second meeting. Though we had toned it down, you couple our verbal reconnaissance - often similar to Who's Line Is It Anyway (with a G rating) - and the fact we are so easily entertained- probably, because we usually bring it with us -, and the unsuspecting are thrown out of balance.

For example, earlier that night, Kalob's girlfriend had looked pretty uncomfortable outside the mall where we'd just bought ice cream. Music was playing and inspirited by the beat, Toni's and my feet moved of their own accord and began dancing. She hung back and appeared to be tasting a foreign flavor and it wasn't the ice cream. Sometimes, it's best to reveal your true identity at a later date - a bit at a time might be best.
My mind was brought back to the present when I witnessed Kirk and Toni laying on the sidewalk next to the library, cameras in hand, flopping about like fish out of water as they shifted trying to capture the dew drops upon the wilted leaf as the early morning rays transformed them into glistening jewels.

'It doesn't take much to entertain this family', I thought laughing to myself.

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