Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Sculpture Park

(Part two of three blogs to be posted this week)

Toni Rexroat photography
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A thirty minute nap after a late lunch and we were refreshed from the four and a half hours at the car show and ready for a stroll through Sculpture Park.

Surrounding a meandering pond were bronze sculptures scattered upon the lawns and tucked in amongst the bushes and trees that fringe the water.
Toni Rexroat photography

Many of the bronzes, especially in the children's area, lent themselves to playful interaction and we took full advantage of the opportunity.
Here Kirk and Toni sit beside a kind looking gentlemen to whom we never were formally introduced.

Toni joins in with the group of children who appear to be playing ring around the rosey.

A sidewalk ambled away from the lawn into the natural underbrush and we followed finding this surprise.

This large canine appears to be trying to get our daughter's attention or does he just want to shake Kirk's hand?

When we came upon these frogs, Toni and I had to give them a kiss just in case by doing so, a spell would be broken releasing an enslaved prince.

By the grumpy look on their face, the thoughtful gesture wasn't appreciated.
Toni Rexroat photography

Evening soon approached and we had a long ways to go to completed the loop around the pond, so we picked up the pace, hustling underneath these bronze crows.
Toni Rexroat photography

As we studied the statue of three eagles, the sun slipped below the horizon, and Mother Nature put on a light show as she bid us goodnight.

Toni Rexroat photography

Toni Rexroat photography

Toni Rexroat photography

Even after the darkness had veiled man's artistic creations behind its black curtain, we tarried. Toni used her flash to photograph an intricate stainless steel sculpture, then we crossed the bridge to the gazebo. Resting upon the benches, we listened as a chorus of frogs serenaded the night.

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