Monday, February 21, 2011

A Busy Day

Our youngest grand daughter tending to the plants in the basement early last spring. Yup, it's that time of year, time to start planting. Oh I didn't do much, just a few herbs, a little lettuce, and a few Siberian tomatoes. The lettuce I've not had good luck in the past growing down stairs under the light in the room with the coal/wood stove and so I'll bring those pots up into the cool livingroom and see what happens.
They grow in cool temperatures outside so maybe a warm basement was the problem.

I was at my Aunt's funeral this weekend and my cousin from Texas said they were suppose to have planted their potatoes the fourteeth but the ground down there is covered in snow. Unheard of for their area. We on the other hand could have snow up into the middle of June but it is usually done by the end of May. That's why jumping ahead of the season by starting plants early is so important for us. Oh not this early grant you but I can never hold my horses into the middle of March to start so I'm beginning with herbs. My old plants got to looking pretty sorry and I started a few tomatoes too. Last years Siberian tomatoes were giving us red tomatoes the beginning of July and I started them about now. I'm hoping for the same thing to happen this year.
Then I pulled out some popcorn to make a Cracker Jack style treat for this week's school lunches. Sweet Corn
As I was grabbing the container, I looked at this sweet corn next to it and thought even if they weren't labeled, there wouldn't be any doubt which was which.
Then as I put them back I pulled off my wool hat I had blocking on the ironing board. Remember this hat,? The one that the edges curled so bad on that I crocheted around the edges trying to get it to lay flat.

Well, it didn't completely work. To show you, I asked our youngest if she would be so kind as to model it. It's a whole heap better about curling up on the ear flaps but the last crochet row will have to be taken out. I'll have to put in stitches that skip every third one or something to get rid of the flare on the edge. It's the price for having a restless brain that's always trying something new - branching off of patterns on my own. For me it always means a good bit of frogging, then again I frog a good bit even when I'm following a pattern being rather handicapped at trying to figure out what the blooming they are trying to tell me. What's frogging, you know rip it, rip it out until it's right or more often I've decided that I'm tired of trying to make it work and decide it's good enough.
All these projects along with taking care of the kids were in between my main one. I sanded part of my bedroom wood floor and began the layering of sealer on it. Two coats down and two more coats to go. I'll be so glad to be done but it doesn't end here for the hallway is in the greatest need. Yet, it's last because of the heavy traffic that is almost constantly moving up and down it. I'm still not sure how I'll get it accomplished with three little ones in the house. If it was just Kirk and I, I'd sand it, seal half and then seal the other half, allowing us a strip to walk on.
That won't work with a 6, 4, and 2 year old. Have you got any suggestions? I want it done before the weeks over.

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