Saturday, February 12, 2011

Round Robin Photo Challenge

True Colors is the theme of the Round Robin Photo Challenge for this month. I hope you enjoy these shots and feel free to hop over and see what others have posted.

One of my favorite pictures of this grand daughter taken at sunset in front of the 1957 Chevy pickup.
But most of the pictures I chose to show you were of the sunrises behind our house.
Early morning often catches me looking out the kitchen window above the sink as I prepare breakfast. I'm sure the neighborhood is by now use to me running out the door with my coat on, pajama pants flapping as I run up the hill to catch a photo of the brilliant colors we often see at sunrise. Our sunrises in the fall and winter are spectaculiar and summers are when the sunsets are most brilliantly bathed in color. Note the clouds. These are the type which tornadoes spawn but not from this small a system and so early in the day when it is cool.
This was taken on yet a different day at sunrise just to the left of the tank you see on the hill in the photo above. Barely over the hill from the tower are these horses in a pasture and this photo was taken on yet another morning.
I've always thought this sky looked like something out of Hades itself. It was taken on yet another day as I watched the sunrise. Yes, I love to get up early in the morning, if the grand kids have allowed me a nights sleep, as sunrises and sunsets are two of my favorite things.

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