Saturday, February 26, 2011

It's Fixed

Remember that hat with the funny edges that waved?

You don't, well, here's a reminder. Yup, it looked silly and so I took out the crocheted edging and redid it, crocheting in every stitch until I came to the wavy part and then I single crocheted in two stitches, skipped the third, repeating the process until I came to the non wavy area. It helped to shrink the flared area.

A couple tassels and I called the hat complete, finally. I've only put this thing down and picked it up umpteen times in the last year and a half. It's become our youngest grand daughter's favorite and she dons it thinking she's ready to weather the cold, coat on or not.

The home-made baking powder worked great this morning in the buttermilk waffles. I am a bit disappointed at the buttermilk though in my pancakes and waffles. Using store milk with my buttermilk culture leaves everything lacking for flavor compared to the richness of when I use fresh goat's milk. Aw, well, the goat's girths are increasing and I've just got approximately six weeks before the first goat will freshen. I can't wait. My goal is to get yogurt and a few cheeses down to perfection this year.

If you are interested in learning about baking powder or want to make your own, check out last Novembers blogs about the subject. Hopefully the links below work correctly and you can just click on them to take you directly there. Can't promise it as my computer skills are poor at best.

The real test for this single action baking powder will be when I freeze biscuit dough made with it. I'm nervous to try so don't count on it being extremely soon. I've got to have time to muster up the courage.
Meanwhile, I spent an hour on Sunday studying growing mushrooms. At the moment, I've no room in the house for the project so I'm looking in to growing them in the garden. They are suppose to enhance the soil and work well grown side by side with vegetables. One aiding the other. I found an interesting blog who experimented on the project. I think I'll e-mail the person and asked some questions. If any of you have experience, PLEASE let me know if I can fire some questions your way.

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