Friday, February 4, 2011

Get In Real Close

When Grandmas a shutter bug, not even the bathtub is safe from her prying camera.
But I couldn't help it when our middle grand daughter started a fashion scene with wash cloths. Skimpy yes, but it is a bathing attire. Definitely a throw back to the 1930's. But that hat goes back to the 1920's. Now how could a four-year-old have known of that? I suspect some hidden talent. LOL
Then with camera in hand, I just couldn't quit shooting. How can you resist these baby blues?

...and these long eyelashes Next time you take pictures of children, get up close, real close and snap, snap, snap away. For you never know what will happen the next moment. ************* Yup, wait long enough and tears are going to flow but you can't mix two little ones with Me as the main focus, as it is with all small children, and not have strife enter in sometime.
Even in that, the photo opportunity is great. Mean grandma, I know but I had to just get a few more shots. For isn't that what a photo should convey, emotion which reaches beyond the picture to our hearts whether it be joy, or sorrow?
And I have some great shots of each of the Grandchildren crying in the way that only they can do. It stirs memories.

So instead of a typical self-sufficiency post, I'm sending these photos. One of the smartest thing I ever did was to self-study photography and composition. These and many other pictures, for us, are priceless.

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