Friday, December 2, 2011

Apple Pumpkin Bread

When  I made the two different kinds of pumpkin pies to test the New England Sugar Pie and the Rouge Vif Detampe pumpkins. Well, I still has some more pulp and so I made Apple / Pumpkin quick bread. No, those are not nuts but apple chunks that you see.
I used my new quick bread pan that I got from King Aurther's when I bought the whole grain bread loaf pans.  This pan is especially for quick bread as it is narrow and long. The same principle applies as with the dense whole grain bread pans.

Narrow so the heat can penetrate more quickly all the way through. The only choice in this style of pan was glass, so I went with it.

Despite the narrow, long design, I still had to bake the bread for quite some time since it had two cups of chopped apples and a cup of pumpkin making it really dense so I bake it at 325 Fahrenheit and had to check it a few times to see if it was done by sticking a knife into the center. This bread becomes dark because of the apples, pumpkin, and the hefty amount of aromatic spices included. 

In actuality, this bread was a muffin recipe but I've found over the years you can interchange muffin and quick bread recipes putting them either into muffin tins or quick bread pans.

Yup, you make this recipes by putting the dry ingredients in one bowl, wet in the other, and chopped apples in a third container. Mix the wet into the dry and fold in the apples.

Put it into the pan and bake. What comes out is nice playing card size slices just right for serving. After it baked, I sliced off a third of the loaf to save for Kirk and I to eat and froze the rest for later.

Kirk and I only ended up eating one slice a piece of the unfrozen quick bread. I forgot to take into account how often the grand kids come over. It did make a wonderful after school snack but had I thought, I should have know the grand kids would be over and could eat the whole thing.

I did discover that the bread was much better eaten after two days where it had time for the flavors to meld. It made the bread taste better and more moist.

For the recipe go to and look for the Apple Pumpkin Muffins submitted by Taste of Home's Fast family Favorites

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