Monday, December 12, 2011

Blueberry Snickerdoodles

My daughter and I saw where someone used fresh blueberries in snickerdoodle cookies. Well, I wanted to try them but I also wanted to see what happened if I used dried blueberries instead of fresh. I figured dried blueberries would be similar to using raisins in cookies. WRONG!!

I'll tell you what happened. Since I was making four different kinds of cookies and making an extra meal for a friend and her family, I just whipped up all four kinds of cookies and put them into plastic containers on to our handy dandy extra frige. You know, the garage steps. They work great this time of year when it is chilly.

I didn't get around to cooking the cookies until after supper and oooops, all was well except in the case of the blueberry snickerdoodles.

The dried blueberries altered the flavor quite a bit and it was yummy but the problem came in with the fact the dried blueberries absorbed a fair amount of the fluid in the cookie dough. I didn't take into factor that raisins are more moist and dried blueberries are much drier. 

So letting them sit meant they had lots of time to absorb moisture from the cookie dough forcing me to add a little liquid before baking. They still came out drier than I'd like. The shape wasn't as attractive either.

But I haven't given up. Next time, I'll just be sure and bake right after mixing.

Don't let my mishap deter you because the taste is really good and  if you are looking for something a bit different to bake this holiday season, try blueberry snickerdoodles.   And if you use fresh blueberries, be sure and tell me how they turn out.

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