Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Home-made Sweet Potato Fries

Having a really tough day. My muscles are wanting to cramp up something fierce. Just love this water / salt imbalance, NOT. It's a part of my Addison's and I have medicine for it but I didn't take it for one day and now.... I'm not getting a thing done. So much sewing to do and here I lay.  

I do have a tid bit for you though. I made sweet potato fries, froze them, and finally last night I baked them. You know how I love make ahead freezer foods and sweet potato fries are pricey to buy frozen but a yummy treat so I looked up the how toos and did my own.

You should think about trying it too for the store boughten, frozen sweet potato fries are three times or better what you can make them at home for. Not sure what else is on the label of those store fries but you can bet it is more than just sweet potatoes. Factories can't leave any wholesome food wholesome.

What I did was buy sweet potatoes when they were 89 cents a pound and then cut them up into fry size, baked them in the oven at 350 and froze them when cool. 

Later I took them out, should have sprayed them with a little oil, note that I said should have because I usually do and these did need it. Then I baked them at 400 Farenheight in the oven as they sat on a cookie cooling rack perched on a cookie sheet. The cooling rack is so the air will circulate all the way around the fries. That way they don't get soggy on bottom. The spray just makes them less dry.

I think next time I'll go for 450 to even maybe broiling temperature for a crispier fry.

So when you see those sweet potatoes reach a good price at the store, bring a bag home and make your own fries ready to pop in the oven for a crispy re-heat.

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