Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Dolly Quilt From Scraps

 Well, the dolly quilt is done. The one I made with scraps of fabric left over from our youngest grand daughter's dress, that I'd made her for Christmas, along with some scrap fabric stashed away from other projects done years past. 
 I thought I had the top of the doll quilt finished yesterday before my hubby came home from work, but then he pointed out a mistake. Yup, in my rush to get done and make supper, I oopsed. See it?

I tried to tell Kirk it was like the Navajo rugs where they purposely put in an error to allow the evil spirits a way to depart. He gave me a, I'm not buying it look. I thought, oh well, I tried and grinned, even though I knew I was going to rip it out and fix it the minutes he pointed out the mistake. Not that I'm a perfectionist but one can't leave this large of a boo, boo.

What tickled me most about the project was the backing, batting, and the bias tape around the edges were all from supplies I already had, meaning, I didn't have to spend any money this week to make this little quilt.  That's one of my goals for this year, to use more of the supplies I have on hand to create gifts for the family.
 With a dress, this project bag ,and now a dolly quilt, I've exhausted the fabric. There are no more scraps left big enough to do anything with.

This is why when I buy fabric and I don't have the pattern with me to guide me on how much fabric to buy, I just guess a ball park figure that is a big too much. No problem, for I'll use every little scrap sooner or later.

The reason I didn't get into my Rubbermaid containers of fabric to make the little girl's dresses for Christmas is because that room they are stored in is a disaster. One of my definite To Do things this winter, sorting and assessing just what I have in all those bins downstairs. It was one of these such bins, one easy to get to, that I found the other scraps of fabric to finish this quilt. 
 Now I've got to figure out some diapers for this dolly all by tomorrow night, for tomorrow is our youngest grand daughter's birthday. She's turning three.

I know just what fabric to use for the diapers, some white scraps of fabric left over from a tablecloth I shortened for church. It is heavy weight and I think will make lovely diapers. It never did get put away so it was easy to find.

I wondered what I was going to do with those scraps but I knew time would tell and it did. There will be plenty of tablecloth scraps left over for another project in the future. I wonder what it will be?

I think this little quilt and diapers will make our grand daughter smile and postpone my panic in not having her three-year-old nap blanket done in time for her birthday.

A bonus from searching for more scrap fabric for the doll quilt is I ran across some fabrics I think I'll use to make her nap quilt out of.

Yep, having a little fabric tucked away can be a very good thing.

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