Monday, January 23, 2012

My Choice of Drink

 It's hard to beat this as a refreshing drink. Yes, Celestial Seasonings has out a herbal ice tea that is sweetened with Stevia, a grass like plant that is far sweeter than sugar, it does not mess with your blood sugars, and has not calories.

Why Celestial Seasonings? Well, it tastes great, they are conscientious about their product and the factory is near our daughter. I've had several tours and I've known the company for quite some time.

And many of you know me, yup, I stock up once a year and load down my cart. Buying direct from the factory gives me a great selection and a great price. Exacty how inexpensive I was going to tell you but I've lost the sales receipt just this past week. Don't you hate when that happens? Anyway, Miss Butterfingers here does know that the sweentened herbal infusions they call tea are $3 and something and the regular herbal infusions packages are $2 and something.
A great savings from the store and the factory will ship me whatever I needed, if I just give them a call. I like to just pay them a visit but who knows, my daughter may not always live just 20 minutes away.

When you figure there are 20 tea bags in a package and it takes 2 of the sweetened kind to make a quart of drink, that's cheap. I think they recommend a bit more but two is enough to invoke a pleasant light flavor. 

Staying hydrated is crucial for everyone but especially for me. I don't produce the anti-diarectic hormone ADH. It kicks in when you don't drink and to keep you from becoming dehydrated this hormone causes you to retain the fluids you have already drank.  So little Miss No Producer has to chug down three quarts a day of fluids along with the hormone in pill form, and I need a little more than water to get it done. Yet, I don't want calories that is in juice and I don't drink coffee or tea. Yes, I do occasionally put a little juice in a quart jar with lots and lots of water but fluffy here doesn't need the added sugar or calories. That makes iced herbal infusions a wonderful choice.

As for the Stevia sweetener, my mind isn't made up as to just what I think about it. The flavor isn't quite to my liking but it doesn't mess with my blood sugars and it is natural, being a grass like plant that is sweet, really sweet. I'm not ready to go out and make cookies or anything with it, even if I could afford that much, but I've found a strength that I like in herbal infusions.  We've tried two different kinds so far.

I just place two tea bags per quart of boiling water and let it steep until the water has cooled to warm. Then I put it in the refrigerator. In order to get my at least three quarts of liquids per day, I fill three quarts of liquid the night before or early that morning. Measuring is the only sure way to get it all down.

If you think this isn't a big deal for you, check out the Mayo Clinic site, you will see that they recommend at least two liters of fluids for the average female and three for men, each and every day. Forget that 6 to 8 glasses thing, it isn't but half enough. With 75% of Americans chronically dehydrated, that shows that most of us aren't getting the fluids our bodies need to function properly.

Yes, soda pop counts as a fluid but it lowers your oxygen levels by 25%. Wow, imagine if you are a smoker and a soda pop drinker? Your body is really struggling to function.

This doesn't mean I don't occasionally have a soda pop but a 12 pack will last Kirk and I several months sharing it with the grand kids.

So If you, like me, need something none calorie, but with a little flavor and vitamins to keep you drinking enough fluids each day, try herbal teas iced with a little sweetener --or without. They are a win, win deal, no calorie, vitamin based, and low cost. It doesn't have to be Celestial Seasonings. They are just a handy and wise choice for me.
And in the evening, if you like a warm relaxing cup try either a roobious or acai berry base. They are both great anti-oxidants.
With all the pollutants in our food, water, and air, the body can use all the help it can get.  So drink up.

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