Saturday, January 28, 2012

On Vacation

I feel like I've got a whirlwind by the tail. Get hubby on the plane, get hubby off the plane then get the three of us on the plane. Struggle with computer issues and work on starting another home business. Yes, folks, I don't have enough to do. LOL

But meanwhile, here we are in San Antonio, Texas. Yup, it's knife show time again, only this time it's January, not August and STiLL it's warm, shirt sleeve weather. Somehow that just isn't right. How can it be winter and no coat, no snow, no cold cold wind. In fact, we were sweating, sorry glowing yesterday as Toni and I hiked around the missions.   
It was wonderful to experience it once more through our daughter's eyes and learn new things we missed the last trip. The first thing you as you walk in the buildings is how small the indians where in the area in the 1700's. I'm only 5ft. 7in. but the wood on the top of many of the doors brushed the hair on my head.
Yet, in the chapels the vaulted ceilings towered far above. The second thing you notice is the vivid colors that the historic Texas culture loves.

And though we re having a wonderful time, I ache for the quiet of home, bread dough rolling beneath my fingers, and yaks grunting a greeting at the corrals. Yup, there is no place like home.

I appreciate your patience as we struggle through Murphy's visit and this hectic time where I've not been able to blog on schedule as usual. Yes, Murphy is still with us. We sent back the tower and in the need for a computer right away bought a laptop. She is really nice except she is a bit moody, sometimes she shuts down and reboots on a whim while I'm surfing the web. Nope, I didn't ask her to, she just does it out of the blue. 

And with our daughter along, I'm learning to use this new gadget along with a education into social media and it's place in business. The first area is to bring Kirk's knife business up to date so look for him on Facebook. We are downloading photos and next we will show his adventures at the knife show here in San Antonio but for now we are going off to meet him for lunch. 

So stay tune, I'll be back home soon and aching to grind wheat and grains for bread, sprout seeds for sandwiches, and I'm going to try growing some wheat grass and add it into a nutritional breakfast drink. I'm also going to add some of those dried and powdered vegetables to noodles and I'm going to..... Yes, the grass doesn't grow much under my feet just as soon as I light back home to Wyoming, home sweet home.

Yup, for fun I had my hand scanned to see my level of good guys in my cells. I did pretty good but there is room for improvement. Wheat grass is one of the areas I'm going to try. It's high in Vitamin C and I'm hoping goes well with berries in a smoothy.

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