Friday, January 20, 2012

Murphy Came to Visit

Murphy has been visiting me. In fact, he's camping out. You know, Murphy's Law, what can go wrong, will go wrong. The latest being that while I was typing out a post at the library, the Internet crashed. Yup, he's follows me everywhere. 

All I can figure is that I must of picked him up by accident when I traveled three hours to shop for a computer, the place where I couldn't find what I needed. 

They did assist me into ordering a computer on line from their sister company.  Five days later, tall dark and handsome arrived, the special forces type. But less than twenty-four hours later, I was ready to ship him out again because he might of been able to leap tall buildings with a single bound, and was handier than a Swiss Army knife but he was rude. Yup, rude, he wouldn't speak to the monitor, any monitor, didn't matter how new or good looking she was, he was closed lipped.

So thinking I was the problem he was so... shy, I called my computer doctor, the tech support company, and finally the sales company itself. 

I listened to so much elevator music, I had all the notes memorized. I was disconnected or transferred to the wrong department more times than not and it ended up that I wasn't the cause and the UPS has tall dark and handsome now. 

I'm computerless and this afternoon, I get to start the process all over again. Got any advice on how to kick Murphy out? He can't stay. Not that I want him in your house but he has been here far too long and I've become quite emotional. The tears are threatening to fall. Nope, don't look at me wrong, don't raise your voice, because it might just start a flood.  The dam on my emotions is about to burst and I'm not even the emotional type.

If a computer wasn't so.. eccential in this household, I'd stop, take a break, but I can't, we NEED it.

Murphy has taught me one lesson though and that is we need a back up. After the dust has settle over this computer deal, we had better look for a laptop besides the desk top, to fill in and help with the overflow. To think that I remember before computers and now they are a integral part of our lives.

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